Peter Pan Press Release #1

Norton Theatre Group invite you to help them celebrate their 30th annual pantomime in January 2017. Founding member of the Group, Les Simms, proudly presents an amateur production of Peter Pan. Full of thrills and spills, fighting and biting, fun and laughter and just like Peter Pan, some of the jokes never get old.

Wendy and her brothers are invited to Neverland by the legendary Peter Pan and the mischievous Tinkerbelle where they meet the lost boys, are kidnapped, do battle with Hook and his hapless pirate crew, meet the natives and mermaids and have loads of adventures along the way.

The script, once again , comes from their very own talented Mr Chris Bennion, who has written the last four scripts for them and is packed with witty put downs, cheeky one liners and silly slapstick scenes. The cast are on top form, the songs are sounding fabulous and we have a handful of talented new comers to the group which is quite exciting. Together, the cast and crew are making the show come alive and director Jo Howe is working hard to make it a year to remember.

Producer and founding member Les Simms is looking forward to treading the boards once again. “I may not have a large part and you may not even recognise me in full costume but I can honestly say that it will be a fantastic show. We are busy constructing our stage, painting the scenery, hanging the lights and a thousand and one other things but once I am on stage on opening night I know that all the hard work back stage is done and we can just enjoy it.”

397577_10152430470515121_998350494_nDirector, Jo Howe says “This year is very special, but it marked by sadness as we remember Kate Lovegrove, one of our groups’ prominent members who sadly passed away this from Breast Cancer earlier this year. She will be sadly missed but we are sure she is looking down on us and making sure the jokes are sufficiently bad.”


Tickets are available now from Christine McGovern on 01905 820459 or online from our ticket shop

Group discounts are available for the Thursday and Friday performances so why not get a group or friends or work colleagues together and join us for a night

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