Hooked on Gaming

Michael Fox, last seen on our stage this year as Captain Hook in Peter Pan is spending a day playing computer games.15994414_10158218805845121_1237764700847905971_o

That may not sound a tough task but he is doing it for 24 HOURS, non stop and is raising money for Cancer Research along the way.

It is also being streamed live so you can watch his progress – click here to watch – https://www.twitch.tv/slapdash_plays

On April 29th he’ll be gaming like a boss to help raise money and level-up Stand Up To Cancer’s life-saving research

It doesn’t matter what they’re playing so long as they’re playing! Suggestions are always welcome and they might even be able to get you guys joining in!

This epic research takes breakthroughs in the lab transforming them into treatments and cures like a cancer drug that acts as a ‘freeze ray’ and a way of making cancer cells self-destruct.

If you can’t sponsor that’s fine, spreading the word in this case would be wonderful and awareness for this cause is always needed.

Dontating is easy – click here – https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/michaels-24hr-stream

So Turn on, Tune in and let’s help make Cancer a thing of the past!



CANCER RESEARCH – Making and testing new breakthrough drugs and tests, and finding out which patients are likely to benefit from them requires a lot of expertise. By donating to Stand Up To Cancer in support of Cancer Research UK, you’ll help us turn incredible ideas in the lab into awesome new treatments for patients faster.


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