Tickets to our next show are now on sale. 

Camelot is the tale of the heroic King Arthur and his trusted knight Sir Lancelot and their quest to rid the kingdom of the evil Morgana. It would be a lot simpler if the other Knights of Camelot had not been struck down with food poisoning (Blame Lady Mabel for that). Now, King Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot must rebuild their forces … but who can they get?

You’ll have to buy a ticket and come see the show to find out.
Tickets are available from our wonderful ticket angel Christine or online.

Thursday 11th Jan – (7.15 pm) £6.50 / £4.50
Friday 12th Jan – (7.15 pm) £7.50 / £5.50
Saturday 13th Jan – (2.00 pm & 7.15pm) £8.00 / £6.50

Buy 5 tickets or more and get 10% off

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