Thank You

norton panto group pic

The entire cast and crew of 2018’s production or Camelot would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that came to see the pantomime.

We had a crazy wonderful time putting on the show and the fact that so many people came to see us makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside (although that could be the effects of Lady Mabels Badger Stew.)

The show would not have been possible without the following backstage people
Director: Jo Howe
Les Simms
Chris Bennion (Moldiwart Scripts)
Stage Manager
: Andy Howe
Deputy Stage Manager: Judy Cooper
Costume Design:  Carol Howe
Ticket Sales: Christine McGovern
Choreography: Jo Howe
Curtains: Dave Simmonds, Cast
Sound & Lighting – Chris Bennion, Ian Ballard, Natalie Ballard, Mark Wakefield, Rob Quick, Callum Dimmock, Tim Duke.
Make up: Sarah Bennion, Natalie Ballard, Daisy Wakefield.
Prompt: Sara Wakefield
Scene Shifters: Andy Howe, Dave Simmonds, Les Simms, Richard Lovegrove, Martin Hinton and members of the cast.
Construction: Paul Jones, Les Simms, Andy Howe, Brian Hewlett, Dave Simmonds, Tim Duke, Rob Quick, Val Easterlow & Friends of NTG
Transport: Mark Dillon
Painters: Hollie Avery, Nicole Simmonds, Callum Dimmock, Carayln Dimmock, Brian Hewlett, Elise Blake, Les Simms, Andy Howe, Rob Quick, Val Easterlow.
Ushers, Refreshments, Raffle: Christine McGovern & Norton Parish Hall and Friends of Cast and friends
Chaperones:  Pat Simmonds, Ann Hewlett, Les Simms, Carolyn Dimmock,
Promotion: Chris Bennion, Pat Simmonds, Ann Hewlett, David Simmonds & members of the cast/crew.
Programme Design: Chris Bennion, Rob Davies
Programme Print: Rich Print, New Opportunities -Worcester, Not Just Sauce
Photos: Mark Wakefield
Video: Lynne & John Newell


Chris Bennion (script, website, online ticketing, programme design, lighting, sound – /
Rob Davies (Ticket Artwork & programme cover)
Paul Jones – (Equipment & Transport)
The Session Studios
Claire Fletcher (Hall Support)
Mark Wakefield (Sound Equipment)
ISS / Lea and Perrins (Scaffolding)

cast and crew pic

We can’t wait for next year. Hope to see you all here again when we join Dick Whittington as he travels down to London.



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