Thank You!!

Two weeks ago, we didn’t even know if this show was going to be allowed to go ahead. We still had doubts right up until opening night, but in the end we did it, and we did thanks to loads of people.

It’s been a mammoth task getting this year’s production to fruition.  The hiatus caused by COVID last year saw the retirement of many of the backbone of Norton Theatre Group – people who have been with us for many years and whose knowledge and experience was largely stored in their heads. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Andy and Carol, Brian, Pat and Dave, Judy and Christine, without whom the Panto would literally never have got off the ground.  We’ll do our best to emulate and propel Panto forward.  And WELCOME to all the newcomers this year.  Thanks so much for stepping up and giving us your support.  

And of course, THANK YOU to everyone that came to the show, braved the elements, booed, hissed, cheered, sang and had a great time. You are the reason why we do this.

There will be more photos coming soon thanks to our resident photographer, Mark, but for now, here are a few pics of Jack and The Beanstalk.

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