Kate Lovegrove

201518849_284333145368_910087_n, Norton Theatre Group lost to breast cancer one of its most prominent, hardworking, dedicated, fun loving and much loved members.robin-hood-6

 Kate was a friend to all who knew her, an inspiration to all who worked with her and the most truly wonderful, caring and kind-hearted person you could ever wish to meet.

 1909907_60278545368_6241_nFor over 10 years she has graced our stage with her awesome talent and formidable voice, been an invaluable member of the directorial team, a backstage angel, a huge musical influence and a much loved backbone to the theatre company.robin-hood-42

Even when she was ill she held her smile. When she was sad she still had the ability to brighten up the lives of those around her.

She made us laugh. She made us cry. She made us bacon sandwiches and cups of tea when we needed them most.  And her hip flask was always available for a bit of Dutch courage.

 221641_21792275368_9616_nShe is sorely missed and we would like to wish her husband Richard and her children, Harriet and Fred, all the love in the world. After all, that is what she gave us.p55_zpsn5ujsbcn

This year’s Panto, Peter Pan, will be performed in honour of her. Like Peter Pan, her sense of humour and love of life will never get old.

 Here’s to you Kate!
Thank you for being our friend.

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