Covid 19 News – Show Postponed

Sadly it has been decided that, in line with other Panto production groups, it is best to postpone plans for Norton Theatre Group’s Panto production of Mulan for 2020/21 until 2021/22.
All things considered, things are still too uncertain. With social distancing looking to be with us for some time, the logistics needed to even try to carry off any kind of production safely are too great.
The health, safety and welfare of cast, crew and audience are our priority and in these continuing uncertain times, we do not feel confident that we would be able to comply with prevailing regulations.
We know you will share our sadness at this news but we hope you understand and support this decision.
Norton Theatre Group has only had 1 year off in all of its 30+ year history and this will be our second. Momentous times indeed.

Thank You

Well, that’s it for another year, and what a show we had. Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the show, to all the volunteers who helped put the stage up, take it down, paint, fix, mend and construct.


We had great audiences for every performance who cheered, booed, sang and even danced. We even raised a little money for charity.

There are pics from this year’s show here, courtesy of Mark Wakefield. Thanks Mark.

if you would like to join us next year, on stage, off stage, tech or promotion, we would love to hear from you. Contact


With just over a week ago we have been counting down the days to opening night with cool facts about Norton Theatre Group and its history.
Just how many scaffolding poles does it take to build our stage? How many times has Paul Jones but on his makeup to play the Dame? When did the cast do a ‘Full Monty’?
You can find all this out, and more as the opening night gets closer, if you like our facebook page ( or/and find the hashtag #CountingDownToGoldilocks

There are still 10 more ‘fun facts’ to come, and there are still tickets available for this years show.

Come In Disguise, Win A Prize

If you go down to the woods (panto) today (in January), you’d better go in disguise.

come in disguise^N_1

Hey kids (and big kids), would you like to join the cast of Goldilocks and The Three Bears on stage? Of course you would. Then all you have to do is dress up as one of our characters  … and you could also win a prize.

You could dress up Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear, Goldilocks, Circus Master, Big Game Hunter, Human Cannonball, Professor, or an Indiana Jones-type action hero.

We would love to see you.

Tickets for the shows are available from here.

Tickets Now Available From Norton Parish Hall

norton parish hall picTickets are now available for our production of Goldilocks & The Three Bears. It’s going to be a fab show and you’d be crazy to miss it.

You can get tickets from our website, from our wonderful ticket angel Christine McGovern (01905 820459 / ) and you also get them from the venue itself, the coffee shop at Norton Parish Hall

We offer a 10% discount for group bookings online. so don’t delay, book your tickets today.


Review in Slap Mag

Thanks to Andy O’hare for this review.

Dick Whittington (script by Chris Bennion)
Norton Theatre Group|10-12 January 2019

Not sure whether it’s me getting older or more probably sillier but I did enjoy another seasonal offering of slapstick, gratuitous overacting, singalong ditties, dodgy in-jokes and the traditional audience involvement at Norton Theatre Group’s production of Dick Whittington. It’s one of the few pantos based on a real-life story, but in this case only providing a minimal framework for Chris Bennion’s wacky and often off-beat script – always a good sign!! The real-life Dick Whittington was from Gloucester, so we start at his mother’s decidedly dubious cafe in the docks with its one- dimensional murine-based menu. Sarah Floenza Barbarella Gertrude Whittington (Paul Jones) is very proud of her son (Rob Milner) who aims to impress his sweetheart Alice (Rebecca Smith) by becoming Mayor of London. Sadly his plans are foiled by the evil power-crazy King Rat (Vicky Blake) who concocts a flurry of fake news in the gutter press to smear the innocent Dick, plans an unsubtle ballot-box-stuffing campaign (sounds familiar?) and finally recruits her, sorry his Rat sidekicks Deano, Franky and Sammy (Chris Daly, Sarah Bennion and Yvonne Ralphs) to shanghai Dick and spirit him overseas aboard Captain McSplash’s (Carl Ives) leaky lugger.

Not looking promising at this time for our hero, but the tale departs even further from the traditional as the boat founders and the occupants are improbably washed up three miles from Las V9egas where naturally Elvis himself (Michael Fox) is the first person they meet! Dick shows his mettle by foiling the Rats’ attempt to rob The King’s casino with the help of his cat Shadow (Jake Hurley) – so Elvis rewards him with a wadge of greenbacks and the use of his yacht to return to London – bear with me on this…King Rat is persuaded to apologise for the printed slurs and a nail-biting election comes down to the casting vote of the Rat sidekicks who repay their boss’s ill-treatment and niggardly wages settlement by voting for Dick to be Lord Mayor – well he did give them cheese to eat after all…

Probably not therefore a tale for the historical purist – but a thoroughly chucklesome offering with
plenty of humour for the kids and not-so-young in equal measures
from the pen of Mr Moldiwarts himself!



26231219_10160003690910121_2155138190351419607_nHi, I”m Carl. I joined NTG six years ago just for a bit of fun and now find myself strangely addicted to taking part.

It has been a lot of fun and along the way I’ve had two wives, been a dad, a monk and a pirate.15976932_10158219702070121_4311349329868968019_n

Taking part with my daughters since they joined has been truly special.

This year we have another cracking script and I am looking forward to what looks set to be my suitable part yet, although I am still unsure about the love interest.


(Pics by Mark Wakefield)1529808_10153749046610121_1914472943_o


Norton Theatre Group presents
Dick Whittington 


January 2019 at Norton Parish Hall

01905 820459 /
Or from The Coffee Shop at Norton Parish Hall, Littleworth.




I’m Poppy and this is my first year with Norton. I enjoy many things including Baking, singing, playing guitar and I love old musicals.

I wanted to join the panto this year to make new friends and gain confidence.

(Pics by Mark Wakefield)

Norton Theatre Group presents
Dick Whittington 


January 2019 at Norton Parish Hall


01905 820459 /
Or from The Coffee Shop at Norton Parish Hall, Littleworth.





Hey, I’m Michael and this is my second year at Norton. My first role was as Captain Hook in Peter Pan. This is a little different. I’m playing Elvis.

When I am not doing Panto I am a member of Worcester vocal group Colla Voca along with Laura (Azura), Jo (Director & Joey The Rat) and Sarah (Franky The Rat). Norton has a great bunch of people and so talented. I love being part of the group and the scripts are traditional, 15994414_10158218805845121_1237764700847905971_obut with a hilariously modern twist. You’ll love it.


(pictures courtesy of Mark Wakefield)

Norton Theatre Group presents
Dick Whittington 

10-12 January 2019 at Norton Parish Hall

01905 820459 /
Or from The Coffee Shop at Norton Parish Hall, Littleworth.



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