Thank You!!

Two weeks ago, we didn’t even know if this show was going to be allowed to go ahead. We still had doubts right up until opening night, but in the end we did it, and we did thanks to loads of people.

It’s been a mammoth task getting this year’s production to fruition.  The hiatus caused by COVID last year saw the retirement of many of the backbone of Norton Theatre Group – people who have been with us for many years and whose knowledge and experience was largely stored in their heads. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Andy and Carol, Brian, Pat and Dave, Judy and Christine, without whom the Panto would literally never have got off the ground.  We’ll do our best to emulate and propel Panto forward.  And WELCOME to all the newcomers this year.  Thanks so much for stepping up and giving us your support.  

And of course, THANK YOU to everyone that came to the show, braved the elements, booed, hissed, cheered, sang and had a great time. You are the reason why we do this.

There will be more photos coming soon thanks to our resident photographer, Mark, but for now, here are a few pics of Jack and The Beanstalk.

It’s Bean too long

After the PEAS and quiet of a year in lockdown, we think we have BEAN away for too long. You thought we had done a RUNNER, but we can finally SPILL THE BEANS and announce that we are SOY hap-PEA to be back with a GIANT of a show this winter.

Norton Theatre Group are PLANTING THE SEEDS for another TREEmendous pantomime, full of fun , bad jokes, songs, heroics, villainy and magic.

More info (and bad Puns) coming soon. Watch this space.

Covid 19 News – Show Postponed

Sadly it has been decided that, in line with other Panto production groups, it is best to postpone plans for Norton Theatre Group’s Panto production of Mulan for 2020/21 until 2021/22.
All things considered, things are still too uncertain. With social distancing looking to be with us for some time, the logistics needed to even try to carry off any kind of production safely are too great.
The health, safety and welfare of cast, crew and audience are our priority and in these continuing uncertain times, we do not feel confident that we would be able to comply with prevailing regulations.
We know you will share our sadness at this news but we hope you understand and support this decision.
Norton Theatre Group has only had 1 year off in all of its 30+ year history and this will be our second. Momentous times indeed.

Thank You

Well, that’s it for another year, and what a show we had. Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the show, to all the volunteers who helped put the stage up, take it down, paint, fix, mend and construct.


We had great audiences for every performance who cheered, booed, sang and even danced. We even raised a little money for charity.

There are pics from this year’s show here, courtesy of Mark Wakefield. Thanks Mark.

if you would like to join us next year, on stage, off stage, tech or promotion, we would love to hear from you. Contact


With just over a week ago we have been counting down the days to opening night with cool facts about Norton Theatre Group and its history.
Just how many scaffolding poles does it take to build our stage? How many times has Paul Jones but on his makeup to play the Dame? When did the cast do a ‘Full Monty’?
You can find all this out, and more as the opening night gets closer, if you like our facebook page ( or/and find the hashtag #CountingDownToGoldilocks

There are still 10 more ‘fun facts’ to come, and there are still tickets available for this years show.

Come In Disguise, Win A Prize

If you go down to the woods (panto) today (in January), you’d better go in disguise.

come in disguise^N_1

Hey kids (and big kids), would you like to join the cast of Goldilocks and The Three Bears on stage? Of course you would. Then all you have to do is dress up as one of our characters  … and you could also win a prize.

You could dress up Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear, Goldilocks, Circus Master, Big Game Hunter, Human Cannonball, Professor, or an Indiana Jones-type action hero.

We would love to see you.

Tickets for the shows are available from here.

Tickets Now Available From Norton Parish Hall

norton parish hall picTickets are now available for our production of Goldilocks & The Three Bears. It’s going to be a fab show and you’d be crazy to miss it.

You can get tickets from our website, from our wonderful ticket angel Christine McGovern (01905 820459 / ) and you also get them from the venue itself, the coffee shop at Norton Parish Hall

We offer a 10% discount for group bookings online. so don’t delay, book your tickets today.


Roll Up, Roll Up

It’s that time of year again when the jokes get silly, the heroes get heroic, the villains get their comeuppance and the Dame gets flirty. 

This year, Norton Theatre Group are proud to present Goldilocks & The Three Bears.
Will Goldilocks find love? Will Dame Dolly find her 17th husband. Will Lord Raven finally get rich? Will the three bears ever get to eat their porridge?

These questions, and more, might be answered.

Tickets are available Online Now!


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